We are able to completely tailor an audit program to meet your needs. We’ve had the experience of working on auditing projects with a wide range of requirements. Some clients have simply wanted us to audit using a defined list of questions and present the data so it can be uploaded into the asset management systems. Other clients have wanted very detailed reports, summarising the key findings in Executive Summaries.

At the end of the day, we are flexible and can work with our clients to confirm what their needs are and tailor a program to suit their own requirements. Once a scope has been defined with clear timings and deliverables, we can quote for the project.

When it comes to audit projects there is no “one size fits all”, and this is where MAA is very much different from other access consultancies. For those assessing any audit program tender, please remember that not all companies will be quoting for the same level of service and scope.

Read about the other considerations that we include in a typical MAA Access Audit Project Plan.
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